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We are IntegreatHR
A technology and consulting services firm helping organizations improve their corporate performance through the integration of people strategies, process management, and technology solutions. The companies we work with benefit from the full spectrum of services- from strategic consulting to a wide variety of technology-enabled outsourcing services.

The platforms and services we offer include: 

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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Platform

Find, organize and hire top talent for your organization.

IntegreatHR partners with BrightMove for a Talent Acquisition that customizes your job portal to fit the culture of your organization. We work with you on training and ongoing support to ultimately ensure the best candidate pool.

  • Key SaaS recruiting software designed by recruiters, for recruiters

  • Compatible with Mac and PC

  • Responsive portals that will automatically adjust to all different devices

  • Easy and fast navigation

  • Advanced candidate searching and sourcing

  • CRM functionality

  • Social Media recruiting


Onboarding Platform

Enhance your employee onboarding experience and streamline the process.

IntegreatHR's proprietary, cloud-based application is customizable, allowing you to create a branded employee experience that is as unique as your company. With this platform, you can be sure that all of your new employees are presented with a consistent onboarding experience and all the correct new-hire paperwork, including state-specific forms. 

  • Configurable - Integrates with open system HR Technology 

  • Easy & Efficient - Employees complete all new-hire paperwork online, using a computer or a mobile device

  • Automated Notifications - Emails alert new employees of tasks that need to be completed; notify managers of outstanding items

  • Auto Populated Form Fields - Make the process quicker and eaiser for the employee

  • Smart Fields - Verify data to help ensure that you collect the information you need, simplfying your auditing 

  • Adobe Document Cloud - All documents are signed electronically and stored for employee and HR reference 

Whether you hire five employees a year, or 5,000, IntegreatHR's Onboarding solution is the perfect system to streamline your process. Drastically decreasing your time and paperwork, ensuring your people feel engaged and productive on day one. 


Integrated HR / Payroll / Benefits

Integrated HR/Payroll/Benefits

Manage every aspect of the employee lifecycle in one place.

 is the most efficient, reliable and scalable HR software to help your PEO or ASO deliver world-class payroll, benefits and HR.

  • Manager and employee self-service

  • HR and employee development

  • Payroll administration

  • Tax management

  • Enterprise integration tools

  • Numerous reporting capabilities and ACA compliance

Time and Labor Management

Time and Labor Management Platform

Experience a versatile, accurate, web-based solution to your time and labor management needs. 

As a Kronos partner, we're able to offer a state-of-the-art application to address the complex, evolving needs within your industry. Our solution is flexible and customizable so you spend less time doing tedious administrative work, and more time focusing on your valued employees.

  • Flexible accrual engine 

  • Time-off request workflow

  • Customizable reports 

  • Exceptional tracking 

  • Workforce management dashboard

  • Scheduling and workday breakdown

  • Job costing

Performance Management and Recognition

Performance Management and Recognition Platform

Engaging with your employees by cultivating the employee experience.

How do you motivate, inspire and align with your employees? Engaging with your employees allows them to adopt the values of your company which translates into improved customer satisfaction.

Use our user-friendly employee engagement platform to enable your workforce to impact your goals and vision. Our solution is designed to look and feel like social media. The familiar interface is easy to use across your entire organization to help shape your work culture. 

  • Recognize great work - peer to peer, top down, or outside in

  • Align recognition to your organization's values and vision

  • Track / manage performance and progress to realize individual impact

  • Develop employees through continual coaching and feedback

Managed Services

Managed Services

Payroll Management Services

  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll form administration
  • Online data management
  • Garnishment compliance
  • Real-time reporting
Tax Management Services
  • Federal Income Tax withholdings and deposits
  • Employer matching FICA tax calculations and deposits
  • Workers’ Compensation management
  • State and Local Tax withholdings and deposits
  • Calculation and filing for Workers’ Compensation insurance reports
  • Federal and State Unemployment tax withholding and deposits
Accounting Support
  • Payroll funds collection
  • Account reconciliation
  • Direct deposit

Proven Experience

We are currently hosting the following applications for over 300 companies in 38 states.

  • HR / Payroll / Benefits Admin
  • Time and Attendance
  • Learning Management
  • Mobile 



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