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We’re HR technology consultants helping clients with advanced HR capabilities, successful implementations and enhanced system functionality.


Our Process


Built For HR Professionals, By HR Professionals


A Team Of Experts                  

The IntegreatHR family has a wide breadth of human resource experience, from serving Fortune 500 corporations to small, rapidly growing companies. We have expertise in HR/Payroll/Benefits technology, strategic change and managed service solutions.

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Technology With Intelligence

Big picture thinking can only happen when you’re not worried about the day-to-day tasks needed to keep your business running. We understand the true value of streamlining tasks like employee onboarding, payroll, and benefits management.

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Outstanding Customer Support

When you have a question about running a report, you don’t want to talk to a tech guy—you want to talk to a professional who understands the nuance of the question you’re trying to solve. Our concierge support is staffed by human resource professionals who are skilled with technology—not by a tech guy with a few days of HR training.

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Every company is different. We begin with a custom assessment of your organization to find out what is currently working and where you need more help.

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